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I am Hulk Founder of bookrent.in. I have done my post graduation in MBA in Technology Management from Prestigious University, Ahmadabad specialization in IT system management. I like listen music and long drive.


Hello, I am Wolverine, Founder of bookrent.in.Being an IT Professional ,I like to learn new Technologies.Experimenting with Search Engine in free time I like to play Multiplayer game and Sometimes Practice MMA & i cant live without my Meenamma.

Sandip Chauhan

Hi, I am Sandip Chauhan, Co-Founder of Akalpya Imaginations. I am New Media Designer and Interaction Designer. I love to create things and play multiplayer games. I love Puran-poli made by my Nani.


Hello, I am Sangita, an IT professional. I love to fight with the bugs untill I finish them. I keep the beans handy, NetBeans is yummiest of them. I love to hangout with friends in real out from the google and facebook.

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