Below would be the whole process of the production;

  1. Complete your manuscript and images.
  2. Choose your publishing program plus necessary add-ons, editorial and marketing services.
  3. Submit your manuscript and picture together with the signed agreement and order forms.
  4. Review your book’s electronic layout and cover e proof’s with Associate.
  5. Release it.

Our minimum page count is 48 pages for black & white book, maximum page count is 900 pages for the black & white.

Minimum No of copies: 80

The author will retain the rights 100% and all future publishing offers from any main stream publishers will be for the author to decide and author can definitely take the book to any other publishers if author would wish to do it.

The Copyright will be under the author’s name. Same name shall be used on both Pen-name and name of the Copyright holder.

The publisher will have exclusive rights to the book’s format, layout on both interior and cover as well as on all cover designs that are produced by Impressions. The author may take the manuscript/content to some other publisher but the author cannot use the format, layout on both interior and cover as well as on all cover designs that are produced by Impressions.

We offer Print-on-Demand service (POD). What will happen is that we will publish, distribute and market your book countrywide.

You as the author of the book will be getting a royalty cut of 40 to 55% on the book’s net price. Since the process of printing would involve a printing cost then we have to offset or deduct the printing cost on the book’s retail price. Also, the distribution channel will be have their fees of distributing the book to their channel thus we need to offset/deduct the distribution cost from the retail price of the book.

Authors are entitled to an Author Mass Discount (AMD) on the event that they would like to purchase their own book. The discount will be between 30% up to 60% depending on the purchase volume.
See details of the AVD below;


Author Discount

50 - 99  copies


100 - 249  copies


250 - 499  copies


500 - 1,499  copies


Book pricing:
The retail price of the book would depend on the actual number of pages after interior layout as well as the book size. Pricing would be followed.

Page count











 Impressions services package

  1. ISDN Assignment
  2. Digital Formatting and Distributions
  3. Custom Cover
  4. Custom Interior book design and Layout
  5. Interior  Templates availability
  6. Cover Templates availability
  7. Paperback Availability
  8. Hardback availability
  9. 3 free paperback copies
  10. Online India wide Distributions
  11. Author Mass Discount
  12. One-to-one author support
  13. Social Media Marketing Guide
  14. Online collaborative platform using Google App or Alfresco
  15. Google and Amazon Search Programme
  16. Author Website (At additional cost)

Let me also take this opportunity of asking you some details regarding the book you are planning to publish. Please answer some of the questions that we have below for me to have a better understanding about the book you are aiming to publish with The questions are as follows;

1.       Title of book
2.       Number of Pages
3.       Language
4.       Number of interior images
5.       Cover: (black and white or full color?)
6.       Interior Pages: (black and white or full color?)
7.       Desired Book Size:
8.       Copyediting: (required or not)
9.       Marketing Plans: (Requried or not)
10.   Complete postal address (to receive your free copies of your book)

Your responses to the above questions would greatly help me in assessing your publishing needs and I would be on a better position to suggest what services you would be needing and what not.