Can I write or highlight in my book?

Yes, acceptable amounts of writing and highlighting are allowed.

Are there any late fees?

No, but  you don’t return book before your rental period.

What happens if my book is damaged/ lost during my rental period?

Books are required to be kept in like-new condition. If book is damaged or lost during rental period bookrent.in is consider as a buyout and you have to pay MRP value of the book.

What should I pay upfront?

You only pay the Maximum retail price (MRP) of book you want rent.

What are the Payment terms?

See below table for payment terms
Suppose you want to buy a book of Introduction of C has MRP value of Rs 100.

Sr No. Name of book MRP value as a deposited Rent Amount @ 40% for 7 months Refund Amount
1 Introduction of C 100 40 60

In this case, you have to pay Rs 100 when you received your book at doorstep. After 7 months you returns book and you get 60 refundable amounts at our collection centre.

What are the lengths of the rental periods you offer?

We offer rental period form 1 day (Minimum 10days) to 7 months as per your convince. Your rental period does not start until your books are delivered.

What condition do books come in?

All rental books and purchase used books are in good condition or better. Books may have some writing and highlighting, but nothing that interferes with readability.  Purchased new books are in brand new condition and have never been used.

Why are some books only for purchase?

Books have MRP values less than RS 200 are not available for rent. We are renting those books which have high cost and you save more money on that to take as rent.

Is the information I submit secure?

Yes!  Anytime you submit private information (e.g. name, address, or credit/debit card number) on our website, we secure your information. We never sell your information to any other third party.

Can I check my previous orders?

Yes. Just click on Return book on home page.

Can I cancel an order I've recently placed?

Since we try to process and ship orders as quickly as possible, the majority of orders cannot be cancelled once placed.  Still you have to call our customer care centre as possible as.

I didn't get the book I ordered. What can I do?

So we can get you the correct book, let Customer care Service know that you received the wrong book within 2 days of your order being delivered.

For any kind of Query just Miss call us at 8866777676 or Email us at info@bookrent.in